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Leather Wall Art

In the spirit of the old velvet art from the 60’s and 70’s, 8 Men introduced wood art.  The wood art was striking, bold and exciting but lacked the quality of color.  Now like the feel, the tone, the sheer energy that the velvet art would produce, there is now leather wall art.  The standard size is 14” x 14” but smaller and larger sizes are available.  Each piece of art comes with a saw tooth hanger for easy hanging as soon as you get your art to where it’s hanging.  Any custom design can be transformed into a piece of art to hang in a home, office, beauty salon or more.  Perfect to set the mood whatever the mood is and wherever the mood it needs to be set.


  • Made of synthetic leather stretched over a wood frame
  • Decorative top stitching around all edges
  • Sawtooth hanger for easy hanging
  • Available in 10 different colors
  • Personalize with any message, image or whatever is your style