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Libation Swing

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What makes your drink taste better?  

The smooth pour of our new Libation Swings.  The swing now comes in both a silver and a gold finish.
You will delight your guests over and over again as you refill drinks with the effort of using only one finger to do a perfect pour.  Our swings allow for our decanter to be rotated 360 degrees and it will never fall out.  Refill this bottle again and again with your finest drinks and the entire experience of the drink is elevated.  When its time to switch the drink, the decanter is easily unloaded from the rocker and just as easily placed back in.
Best thing about the swing, is that you can customize it on four faces.  The decanter is custom engraved with any text or image to really stand out.  The swing is custom engraved in three different places.  The two side panels and the front face panel.  Therefore no matter where your guests look at the swing they see your signature style.  Any text or image can be engraved on any face of the rocker.
The sleek metallic look is the perfect stand out accent on any bar.
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