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Six Stick Cigar Case

Proper care for one’s cigars is often as important as food and water for the family pet.  Hopefully anyone who enjoys putting some smoke in the air has a proper tabletop humidor at minimum, but when traveling people leave something so serious to chance.  If you truly want to help the person traveling with their cigars in a Ziploc bag with a hot dog bun, out 6 stick cigar case is the perfect remedy.  Make of black leather, our 6 stick has a sliding lid.  When opened, it reveals a case lined with Spanish cedar, 2 racks for the cigars to lie in and a humidifier to maintain the proper humidity.  The best part about this is, the two racks can be removed and the case can then hold up to 15 cigars.  For customization, we engrave a metallic finished plaque with any team, phrase, image or corporate logo.  This is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone who travels and takes over 3 cigars with them so get one now, and we promise we won’t believe it’s you with the hot dog buns.